You Don’t Have to Pay
Too Much

You don’t have to pay 4 times as much…
for the best MRI / Ultrasound available



Our Average Cost Is

Hospital MRIs usually cost $2000-$2500


Our Average Cost Is

Hospital Ultrasounds usually cost $400

Make sure you find out the cost of your exam …before you have it.
Our exams cost thousands less than at a hospital


Call us today to schedule your exam and what to expect. Healthcare is your choice, choose wisely.

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*The average costs provided to you are for pricing comparison purposes only. The average costs provided are based on general assumptions that may or may not be applicable to you and are subject to change at any time. The average costs listed do not constitute an offer of coverage, nor is any contract or agreement formed or bound by the provision of average costs. Your actual exam cost will be determined by your health insurance carrier, or if uninsured, through the center’s self pay pricing policies that are subject to change, without notice, at any time.